Love Story

                I am a bearded guy, height 171 cm, weight 74 kg, athletic body, middle eastern, Syrian, educated and single. I am looking for friendship, relationship and meeting new people from different cultures. And if you are curious about my history with love; read this:

Yes, I fell once…
Only one woman could occupy my heart. Only one lady I remember each detail in her body, only one female I felt warm between her arms, She is the first woman I could put my head on her shoulders and sleep deeply.

She was a poor widow but behaved like a queen with a generous heart, and I was seven years old with a small heart. The first gift, she bought for me; was a pair of stylish white trainers, they were costly. When she handed them to me, I immediately looked at her black shoes. They were very old and unusable; she who needed new shoes. I held her present; I wanted these new beautiful trainers for the school.

In Syria, people express their love and care by food. Syrian proverb says: eat as much as you love me! We say this when we invite a person to a dinner or lunch; another Syrian expression says Syrians spoil their beloveds in the kitchens.
Once upon a time, I woke up late, left the house to school without breakfast. She felt guilty as it was her mistake. Although I never thought to blame her, even I did not think about it. I joined the classroom with my friends, the moment we were taking our books out of the bags, someone knocked on the door from outside.
When the teacher opened the door, I saw her, she stood and smiled at me, holding a cheese sandwich in her hands. I ran to her and hugged her. It wasn’t for a sandwich; it is about giving.
That moment, I felt her genuine love. I swore that I would not love a person except her.

A doctor holding an old woman's hand - part of a series.

I was not stupid; I knew that she sold her golden ring. The beautiful golden ring with the red diamond did not surround her finger anymore.
I used to touch the ring when I massage her hands; I thought it was a part of her body until I missed it. I felt embarrassed to ask her about it. She sold it, I was sure, we have a lot of food in the fridge.
My heart cried that day; she sold the most expensive thing that she ever had, it was a special present from her late husband.

The love story has officially started. I wrote down the description of her ring in my copybook, beautiful golden ring, big with a gleaming transparent red diamond.
Twenty years later, I graduated from the university and got a proper job; I could purchase the same design ring. It was effortless to find it; the jeweler told me that this design was trendy in the sixties. And many young ladies inherited this kind of rings from their mothers or grandmothers and the changed them to something modern.

She was cooking rice and milk for me. I kneeled in front of her in the kitchen; held her hand and gently kissed it and put the ring on her finger.


Khaled Alesmael

published in Artikel 14 in September 2016


Published by Khaled Alesmael

KHALED ALESMAEL is a multi-awarded journalist, author and sometimes filmmakers. He worked in Syria and the Middle-East for more than fifteen years, was the correspondent for Radio France International/ Arabic from Damascus and the media officer for the risk reduction project/ UNDP Damascus. In 2012, he escaped the war and continued his career in the media in Egypt and Turkey. He apply for asylum in Sweden in 2014 and he got it and became a Swedish citizen in 2018. His works have appeared in the prestigious investigative programs Investigative Mission/ SVT and Conflict Program/ Swedish Radio, and he has been writing for several newspapers and magazines like Ottar in Stockholm and Newstatesman magazine in London. He has also worked for the daily German newspaper as a visiting journalist through the International Journalist Program. He became a Swedish citizen in 2018, and he lives in London now. Selamlik is his debut novel; it came out in August 2018. It has got considerable attention in the Swedish media and positively reviewed: "Selamlik is a prospective classic, a low-key melancholy, and grand book." - Dagens Nyheter “He reminds me of Jean Genet, as brutal as helplessly romantic”. The legendary Swedish gay writer Jonas Gardell for Expressen. “A magnificent account of the Syrian disaster" Sydsvenskan. "Selamlik glances at gates to other worlds" JP. "Khaled Asmael's debut novel about a man's escape from the Damascus gay scene to a refugee center in Europe glides imperceptibly between fantasy, nightmare, and reality" Göteborg Posten.

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  1. I’m still learning from you, as I’m improving myself. I absolutely enjoy reading everything that is posted on your website.Keep the aarticles coming. I enjoyed it!


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