*Where is Khaled locked down right now?

*I would like to interview Khaled. Who should I contact?
You can get in touch with Khaled directly here or tweet him @KhaledAlesmael 

*Can I book Khaled for a speaking event?
Yes! Khaled loves to speak at literary and journalistic events. 

*What is the meaning of Selamlik?
The palace of men in old Ottoman-Turkish language!

*What languages can I read Selamlik in?
Swedish and in German this Autumn.

*What is Khaled working on now?
He’s writing a non-fiction book, A Gateway to the Sea, based on nine interviews with Queer Arabs. It is published in Swedish by Leopardforlag in 2020. 

*What languages does Khaled write in?
Arabic and English. 

*Where does Khaled write?
On the sofa with a cup of coffee and his cushion for a desk. 

*What is a typical day for Khaled?
Toasted sandwich, Swedish fika, good company,
indoor exercises, reading Patti Smith…
& strike a pose.