Syrian-Swedish journalist and writer, Khaled Alesmael graduated in English Literature in 2006 at Damascus University. He is the winer of the Swedish Radio Short Story Prize 2020. His journalism has been highly awarded for his coverage of topics of culture, climate, and migration. His debut novel Selamlik was translated into Swedish and published in 2018 with the publishing house Leopard and in German by Albino House.Selamlik has been widely acclaimed as a powerful account of an emergent Arab queer identity, in a society claiming freedom. The Swedish media reviewed it as the first story of Syria at war through a homoerotic perspective.
The Swedish author Jonas Gardell reviewed Khaled’s writing as it reminded him of Jean Genet’s. Expressen Dec 2018.
Khaled received an award for his short Coffee with Sukkar at Gothenburg Film Festival in 2019.


Published by Khaled Alesmael

KHALED ALESMAEL is a multi-awarded journalist, author and sometimes filmmakers. He worked in Syria and the Middle-East for more than fifteen years, was the correspondent for Radio France International/ Arabic from Damascus and the media officer for the risk reduction project/ UNDP Damascus. In 2012, he escaped the war and continued his career in the media in Egypt and Turkey. He apply for asylum in Sweden in 2014 and he got it and became a Swedish citizen in 2018. His works have appeared in the prestigious investigative programs Investigative Mission/ SVT and Conflict Program/ Swedish Radio, and he has been writing for several newspapers and magazines like Ottar in Stockholm and Newstatesman magazine in London. He has also worked for the daily German newspaper as a visiting journalist through the International Journalist Program. He became a Swedish citizen in 2018, and he lives in London now. Selamlik is his debut novel; it came out in August 2018. It has got considerable attention in the Swedish media and positively reviewed: "Selamlik is a prospective classic, a low-key melancholy, and grand book." - Dagens Nyheter “He reminds me of Jean Genet, as brutal as helplessly romantic”. The legendary Swedish gay writer Jonas Gardell for Expressen. “A magnificent account of the Syrian disaster" Sydsvenskan. "Selamlik glances at gates to other worlds" JP. "Khaled Asmael's debut novel about a man's escape from the Damascus gay scene to a refugee center in Europe glides imperceptibly between fantasy, nightmare, and reality" Göteborg Posten.

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